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2016 Leap year

2016 Leap year

March 8, 2016




Leap year

In the past it was believed that leap year brings bad luck and that silver could prevent it. Leap Year was first introduced in the Roman Empire by Julius Caesar. Its duration is 366 days, ie one day more than usual is added to the shortest month - February.

Superstition that silver prevents from bad luck in the leap year is  associated with  an old Bulgarian custom that dictates  that in a leap year instead of gold coins for health and luck, on the bonnet of infants as well as on the bride´s dress, one has to sew silver against the evil eye and diseases. Silver is associated with the color of the moon and its effect on living creatures. It cleanses the body and spirit. Therefore, if for three years you help your body  receive vital energy,  then in a leap year  you must purify and start a new cycle clean.

So whether you choose to wear gold or silver jewelry, wear it  with pride and self-confidence.

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Silvia Chaneva