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IWC Annual Charity Bazaar 2016

IWC Annual Charity Bazaar 2016



Every year the Annual Charity Bazaar provides an opportunity for countries to proudly showcase their handmade crafts, music, souvenirs, folklore, national cuisine, clothing, literature and now even culture and tradition. Last year, 49 countries were represented, and a total of 70 stalls participated.

The bazaar itself serves as the principal source of funding for the IWC’s selected charity projects. Thanks to the generous support of our embassies, donor community, as well as local and foreign businesses, the money raised in 2015 was over 330,000.00 BGN.

With your participation and generosity, this year we are aiming to raise 500,000 BGN!
So help spread the word and we look forward to your presence at our Annual Charity Bazaar 2016.

For more information about the 2016 Annual Charity Bazaar


please visit: http://iwc-sofia.org/christmas-charity-bazaar/what-it-is-about/#

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