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New Collection by Antoaneta Ramjuly.

New Collection by Antoaneta Ramjuly.

07-14 December 2016.






New Collection by Antoaneta Ramjuly.





07 - 14 December 2016.

Gallery SABAI
63 Neofit Rilski Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

“Ramjuly jewellery architects” is an innovative art & design brand founded in 2008. Our passion is to recreate the thin line blending elegant beauty & consciousness. “Our objects are storytellers” Mainly elaborated from fair trade, raw materials. From ethically mined diamonds & recycled gold to LED lamps, sun-dried tea bags, forest branches… The products provoke immediate “out of the box thinking” in their viewers.

Ramjuly’s mission is creating the bond between crafts and materials, into a mighty tool for inspiration and plead for a better world.








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